Rotary Dryers & Coolers

Rotary Dryers have for decades provided high efficiency drying of a large range of granular products and particle sizes ranging from coarse gravel to fine precipitates. Direct fired dryers, offer the best heat transfer available between the hot gasses and the product, reducing the size and cost of the equipment.

The design and proper sizing of a dryer is critical to providing consistent product quality and economic operation of the equipment.

Lochhead Haggerty’s experience in design and manufacture of dryers covers base metals, precious metals, potash, chemicals, agricultural and recycling industries. All fossil fuels and electric heating are available as options, and construction materials range from mild steel to stainless steel and nickel alloys.

Rotary coolers may be required prior to handling or packaging of dried product, especially if the drying temperatures are high. The rotary coolers are similar to the dryers, but without a source of heat. The cooling process may be direct contact with ambient air, or indirect cooling with water.

Fossil Fuel Fired Dryer

6′ dia x 30′ long
Product: Superconductor
Stainless steel construction
4.2 million BTU/hr Propane Gas Fired
Location: Quebec, Canada