Depending on the requirements of the project, we may be asked to provide only a specific piece of equipment and controls, or supplementary and complimentary machinery or structural components, which lifts the burden of procurement from your shoulders.

Bins, tanks, conveyors, structural steel for example are all within the design and supply capabilities of Lochhead Haggerty, giving you the option of including or finding alternatives for those components. When we supply the complete system, you know installation, field connections and commissioning will proceed seamlessly.

Feed Bin and Quench Tank – ADR Plant

14 Tonne Feed Bin
1 Tonne Quench Tank
Location: Brazil

Cyclone for Rotary Dryer

Stainless steel
4,000 cfm
Location: Quebec, Canada

Wet Scrubber for Rotary Dryer

Stainless steel
4,300 cfm
Location: South Carolina, USA

Exhaust Fan for Wet Scrubber Carbon Regeneration Kiln

Stainless steel
800 cfm
Location: Alaska, USA

Flux and Precipitate Mixer – Gold Refinery

Stainless steel
7,300 lb capacity
Location: Argentina