Ideal Energy Solutions to Fit Your Application

Our experience in design of systems using not only fossil fuels such as natural gas, propane and diesel fuel, but also electricity, allows us to arrive at the perfect selection of one type of energy source or another, based on your specific circumstances.

There are many variables which need consideration in the selection of the ideal energy source, including operating temperature and overall furnace efficiency. Often the unit cost of one energy source or another is only one of the factors in the selection process, and the obvious may be more costly than the ideal.

The knowledge and experience of our engineers are available to make your decision the right one.

Innovations Customized for You

Every system designed at Lochhead Haggerty is a product of detailed research, engineering, and testing. Each project begins with an in-depth evaluation of our client’s needs. The design methodology takes into consideration process variables, compatibility of materials of construction with the process and heating environments, and the available sources of energy.

If your process requires non-standard equipment, give us your problem and we will design a solution for you. Our experience in different industries allow us to apply knowledge from one to another to arrive at innovative solutions.

The latest in industrial communication networks can be integrated into your design, to provide you with the operating flexibility and monitoring data and control you need.

Reliable Quality

Quality assurance requires not only adherence to an industry accepted quality control program, but the commitment of all personnel involved with every aspect of design and production to maintaining the highest standards. At Lochhead Haggerty each individual takes pride in ensuring that no detail in design, material specification or fabrication is overlooked. The complete integration of design, procurement, manufacturing and testing in one facility means tight control of all disciplines.

Along with the constant pursuit of improved designs and state-of-the-art processes, Lochhead Haggerty has established a tradition of quality and craftsmanship that you can rely on. Our shop personnel are carefully selected for their ability to continue this tradition.